We believe standing behind our warranty & workmanship is of the utmost importance in maintaining a sound business reputation.

Warranty service, though rarely needed, is provided in a timely fashion without long delays and overpriced repair quotes.  Featured below is our warranty.  Customers will receive a copy of this text in the form of a five year or a ten year warranty with every bathtub and/or tile project.


Allow us the opportunity to thank you for choosing Drexel Company Refinishing.  We use the most durable refinishing system in the country.  Glas-Tech 9000 has been field tested for more than forty years in over 6 million applications nation-wide.  Listed below are several guidelines that, if followed, will help you protect your newly refinished surface.

  • DO NOT use the refinished surface for 48 hours.   Keep the room temperature at approximately 72 °F during this time.  Doors and windows near the refinished item should be kept closed to prevent drifting odors and flying dust.  Although the refinished item can be put back into use after 48 hours, the surface will require a full 90 days to cure.

  • During the refinishing process masking paper and tape were used to protect the surrounding surfaces.  The customer must remove this masking after 24 hours.  Remove the masking slowly and carefully to prevent damage to wallpaper and/or painted surfaces.  If a drip hose has been used, leave this on until the second day of drying is complete.

  • Before using the reglazed item, the edges must be sealed against moisture.  Apply a bead of caulking at the gap around the tub following the manufacturer’s instructions.  If we have caulked your tub the same day it was glazed, the caulk will be the same color as the tub and is guaranteed not to come out for one year.  Because this area is a flex point it can not be guaranteed against cracking.  If cracking does occur, do not remove our caulking; simply apply another bead of caulk over the cracked area.  If a shower door base track was left on during reglazing, the customer must caulk the area along the track.

  • Before the fixture is put back into use, reinstall the trip lever assembly and drain cover. (Ask the refinisher for instructions on how to reinstall them.)

  • Clean the surface regularly with appropriate cleaners and a sponge.  PLEASE NOTE: All freshly reglazed items will have some dust which will have settled into the finish.  Normal use and regular cleaning will remove minor surface imperfections.


Long Term Care
  • DO NOT use abrasive powders, pads or cleaners on or near the reglazed item, as they will scratch or mar the finish.  When cleaning, use a sponge and a mild liquid cleaner approved for use on acrylic surfaces.

  • DO NOT leave soap, bottles or any other objects on the refinished surface. We recommend the use of a shower caddy instead.

  • Improper use of acid bearing compounds, like drain openers or tile grout cleaners, will damage the finish.  All chemicals, such as; hair dyes, cosmetics, perfumes, etc., should be kept away from the finish.  Introduction of these chemicals may stain or mar the surface and void the guarantee.

  • Make sure the faucets do not leak.  Erosion will result from leaking faucets, causing bubbling and premature wear.  Faucets that are not maintained will void the guarantee.

  • Avoid dropping sharp or heavy items on the finish, which may cause chips or scratches.  Contact us for any needed repairs.

  • CAUTION:  After your tub has been reglazed the finish can be slippery.  To prevent slip and fall injuries you may wish to use a non-skid surface.  (Ask the refinisher about various options).  DO NOT use rubber bathmats, or any mat with suction cups.  Rubber bathmats will cause a reaction with refinished surfaces and suction-cups create a constant pulling force on the finish.   Both cause damage to the surface, which would void the guarantee.  Remove bathmats after each use to allow the tub to dry.

Limited Warranty

This limited warranty covers bubbling, crazing and spontaneous peeling of fiberglass units, bathtubs and ceramic tile refinishing.  Damage caused by neglect of the guidelines listed above will not be covered by the warranty.  Chips and scratches are not included in the warranty coverage, even if the damage happens unknowingly.  Any rust repairs were performed to the best of the refinisher’s ability; however, can not be guaranteed against future rusting.  If damage has occurred, Drexel Company must be notified as soon as possible to schedule an appointment for repairs.  Failure to contact us in a timely manner may result in further damage and void the warranty.  A truck dispatch fee of $35 will be charged for all repair requests after 90 days from the day the work was completed.  If any repair charges total over $35, the truck dispatch fee will be applied toward the total cost of the repairs.  All repairs and charges are at the discretion of Drexel Company Refinishing.  The customer must retain this warranty and the receipt as proof of purchase.  This warranty is in effect for five or ten years, and is transferable for one year, from the date shown below. Your signature constitutes acceptance of the warranty terms listed above.

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