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There are many shapes and styles of bathtubs and not all are considered a standard built in style.  A standard built in style tub is generally 57-60 inches long, 28-32 inches wide and built into a three wall alcove with a ceramic tile, plastic or fiberglass enclosure surrounding it.  If your situation doesn't sound like this, you may not have a standard style bathtub and coupons may not apply.  Listed below is the price list for various bathtub styles refinished in-the-home.  Bathtubs that have been painted or reglazed before will require strippingColor is extra.


Fiberglass Bathtub with Enclosure


Fiberglass units, molded tubs and fiberglass walls manufactured as one-piece units, can be refinished. Usually these units are in pretty good shape but the colors are dated and the finish is worn.  Enclosure units that do have crazing areas or small holes in the old finish can be repaired during the refinishing process.  Once these units are reglazed with a contemporary color they are like new and ready again for years of reliable service.  Stripping is not offered for fiberglass enclosures.  Color is extra.




As a general rule we recommend the replacement of drop-in style sinks. Sinks that are of stamped steel construction with large amounts of rust or corrosion must be replaced.  However, sinks come in many shapes, styles and situations.  Perhaps the sink is tiled into the counter top or a wall hung style.  Refinishing the sink along with the bathtub may complete all of ones remodeling needs, including the changing of the color scheme.  Refinishing procedures for ceramic, china and porcelain bathtubs are the same for sinks.  Listed below is the price list for various sink styles refinished in-the-home, along with the refinishing of a bathtub and without.  Sinks that have been painted or reglazed before will require stripping.  Color is extra.


Tile Walls, Alcoves & Shower Stalls


Some of the colors that were popular in the 50's, 60's and 70's may never be popular again.  Many homes have out dated tile color schemes, but the tile and grout is still in good condition.   Refinishing wall tile and it's fixtures, into a new color, along with the bathtub or shower stall will give the entire room a new look at a fraction of the cost of replacement.  The refinishing process is identical for wall tile and it's fixtures as it is for bathtubs and can be done in any color.


Pricing for refinishing ceramic wall tile and shower stalls is done with several conditions in mind; the square footage, the amount of preparation and the extent of repairs needed to correct the tile surface for the best finish possible. Therefore, prices range from $8.00-$9.00 per square foot.  Towel bars, soap dishes, etc., that are refinished with the wall tile are included at no additional cost.  These fixtures can also be refinished independently for $40.00 each. Color is extra. Stripping is extra.


To figure out the square footage of tile for a general idea of cost is as follows:

Width (inches) X Height (inches) ÷ 144 = Total square footage.  


Take the total square footage and multiply it by $8.00 and $9.00. 


This will give a price range for comparison.  For a definite price, contact us for details and an in home estimate. 



White is by far our most popular choice of color for refinishing, and FREE.  However changing the color of bathtubs, sinks or wall tile will give any bathroom a new updated look for a fraction of the cost of replacement.  We can refinish any color fixture into a new color.  We offer a 90-95% custom match on all color changes and they are mixed on site to achieve the best match possible.  The color services cost between $20-50 extra, depending on the size of the job and the darkness of the desired color (black being the most expensive).  To aid in our color match, we ask customers to have a sample of the desired color available for the refinisher.  If the desired color is to match the color of newly installed fixtures, we request that customers have the actual replacement fixture(s) on hand for the closest color match possible.  Please contact us for details.   



Surfaces that have been painted or glazed before must pass tests for both proper adhesion with the original substrate and compatibility with the new coating. Any old coating that fails these tests must be removed with the use of a chemical paint stripper.  This is referred to as stripping.  Removal of this old coating will allow the new material to bond directly to the original substrate.

If testing concludes that a proper bond exists between the substrate and the old reglazing, that surface will be prepared for the new coating.  Wet and dry sanding is used to remove the outer most layer of the old coating to produce a flatter, smoother surface to spray the new finishing material upon.  This is also a form of stripping.

Both processes will require an additional charge of $79.00 for bathtubs.  The additional cost for other stripping needs will depend on the size and type of project.  We do not offer stripping of fiberglass or cultured marble units.

Non-Slip Surface Options


We offer two different types of permanent non-slip surface options.  One is a 'liquid' mat, a non-slip additive that is applied during the refinishing process.  These mats are the exact same color as your newly refinished tub, can be custom sized, have a lower profile and are easier to clean.  The other is an appliqué or 'sticker' that is applied after the refinishing and 48-hour dry time is complete.  These mats are made of a durable, color-fast vinyl, that won't chip, fade or peel.  These non-slip 'sticker' type mats are good as an after thought or for use in higher traffic bathtubs.  Stick down mats come in white or can be special ordered in a limited number of colors.  Liquid mats range from $25 to $35 dollars and Stick down mats start as low as $35.  Contact us for details

Caulking & Shower Door Service


Caulking the edge of the refinished surface is important.  This protects against water intrusion and leaks.  This is also true when reinstalling the shower door assemblies, caulk should be used to seal the tracks.  Most customers choose to do the caulking themselves, however we do offer professional caulking services for our refinishing customers.  Recaulking of bathtubs fall into three categories:

Caulking on the "Same Day of the initial refinishing can only be performed on tubs with ceramic tile surrounds that have less than 1/4 of an inch gap between the tub surface and the tile edge.  Caulking is applied before the tub is sprayed so the caulk will be sealed in and the same color as the tub.  This is not the preferred method for a proper sealing of the tub.


Return Visits are required for plastic/vinyl surrounds, fiberglass tubs and surrounds, or when the gap between the tub surface and the tile edge is larger than 1/4 of an inch.   Because surrounds have a tendency to flex, the tub must be caulked after the new finish has had a chance to dry.  We also remove the masking paper and tape, reinstall any removed hardware and give the area a final sweeping.  This is the preferred method for the proper sealing of a refinished bathtub.

Shower Door Services are for existing shower doors only, we do not perform installation of new assemblies.  We can remove the shower doors at no cost and work around the track, as long as the base rail is firmly attached to the tub.  In this case it would be the customer's responsibility to remove the masking and reinstall the shower doors.  With our shower door service we remove both the doors and track, then return to reinstall them.  This service includes caulking, removal of any masking paper and tape, reinstallation of any removed hardware and a final sweeping.

Know which caulking service you want?  Let us know and we'll schedule your appointments together. 

Customer Service & Non-Warranty Repairs

From a dab-in of a small chip, to the complete stripping and refinishing of bathtubs and tile, repair services are available upon request.  Costs of these repairs vary greatly, however, as a general rule repairs requiring spot spraying start at $65.00 dollars.  Touch-up is also available to all previous customers of Drexel Company.  Contact us for details.

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