The question is, why not?

One question we are asked frequently is "How do I know if refinishing is what I need?"  Provided here are the most common reasons for refinishing.  If your situation is similar to one described below, refinishing may be just what you're looking for.


Many of the houses in the Metro Detroit area and surrounding communities were  built during the 50's.  Many of these homes are still using the original bathtub and fixtures.  Over the long life of these fixtures they may have acquired chips, stains, scratches and have become hard to keep clean.  

Reasons for refinishing beyond normal wear and tear may be as simple as out dated color schemes.  Items may be in good condition, but the colors don't fit with your decorating/remodeling plans.    


Other fixtures may have been chemically damaged.  Drain openers and harsh cleaners may have damaged the original surface.  These chemicals can make the fixture porous and pitted, which will hold dirt, soap, mold, etc., creating an unhealthy environment for you and your family.


Replacement of the tub and tile can be expensive, messy and time consuming.  Not only do the fixtures need replacing but wall board, plaster, plumbing and possibly the sub floor may all need to be reworked. Unless you're doing the project yourself, this can get a bit costly.  To add insult to injury, quite a mess is generated when tiles and wall board are torn out for improvements.  And construction could go on for weeks!  


Bathtub liners are expensive, available in a limited number of colors, and are often accompanied by sales pitches for new plumbing and liner walls.   Standard liners are boxy and cover the contours that give the original tub it's character.  Contoured liners are available only with an extra charge.  Turn around time on liners can range from 4-8 weeks because your existing tub needs to be measured and those spec.'s sent to the liner manufacturer, who makes and ships it to the middleman installer.  Those measurements must be exact or the liner will not fit properly.  Let's face it, most of us don't want to deal with all that just for our tub to look like new and be easy to clean.  


When refinishing is used with your overall remodeling plans, money that would have been spent on replacement or lining of the worn fixture can be allocated for other things.  Refinishing is the most efficient way to revitalize your bathroom's existing fixtures.  Tiles are not removed, the plumbing is not disturbed.  To accomplish this we use a proven process, with a group of products that will leave your fixtures glossy, smooth and easy to clean.  The refinishing material that we use is available in a wide variety of colors and is custom matched to meet your remodeling needs.  Our refinishing system uses sprayed materials that produce a smooth, non-porous acrylic coating that bonds to the original substrate.  This coating process meets and/or exceeds the original fixture manufacturer specifications for acid and stain resistance.


In short, refinishing is the solution for most problems experienced with older bathroom fixtures.  It is an easy and cost effective way to gain many more years of service from existing worn or damaged items, or give outdated colors a new look.

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