Using Drexel Co. Refinishing makes the difference.

 In today's reglazing market there are many different refinishing companies with an array of services and materials. This leaves the consumer to discern in which company they will invest their trust. To help consumers make an informed decision we have supplied information about our company, process and materials.


Our family owned and operated company was started in 1995 with many goals in mind.  Paramount of those was to be the difference.  To offer excellent service with a quality product, at for an affordable price.  To deliver courtesy, dependability and professionalism in every job we do.  To return integrity to the bathtub and tile refinishing industry, one customer at a time.  


The difference is clear from the moment we walk into your home.  After we have greeted you and gone over the preliminaries, we lay out drop-cloths from your entry way to the bathroom.  This helps prevent the tracking of anything on your carpet or floor.  We cover the bathroom with drop-cloths, masking paper and specialized masking tapes to protect any (stationary) irremovable items as well as wallpapered/painted surfaces, from over spray.

The difference is reflected through the use of proper equipment. Ventilation of our spray area is very important on every job.  This can be accomplished in two ways; where a window is present we will use one or two fans to remove odors and over spray out doors, in cases where a window is not present we use a Fume Exhauster.  Basically said, this machine pulls fumes from the spray area and expels it out the closest window through the use of hoses. (We never ventilate into another room or strictly use the bathroom vent fan.)

Another piece of equipment that we use is a Supplied Air Respirator.  A Supplied Air Respirator is a half-mask or full-face mask that receives fresh air through a pump.  This enables our refinishers to be more comfortable in the spraying environment and allow them to take their time.  Being able to take your time always translates into a better job.  Cartridge Filter masks, used by other companies, do not offer enough protection to the workman from the acids and solvents being used in the refinishing process.  Refinishers that use these cartridge filtered masks will be hurried and anxious for fresh air. 


The difference is the importance we place on preparation.  Every project starts with a thorough cleaning of the fixture, during which we remove the old caulking.  This is followed by a complete etching and/or sanding process.  Etching a ceramic or porcelain fixture will aid in the removal of soap film, mold and mildew while making the surface slightly porous.  Sanding takes the place of etching for fiberglass or previously refinished surfaces that do not need to be stripped.  Using quality masking paper and tapes, we mask off the area directly surrounding the fixture to protect it against over spray.   


The difference is in the quality of material used.  We use refinishing materials developed by Hawk Research Laboratories Inc., the leader in bathroom and kitchen refinishing products.  The acid etch, primer and top coat are all formulated specifically for the refinishing of porcelain and ceramic surfaces.  Porc-Etch™ Etching Solutions are a blend of acids, cleaners and stabilizing agents which etch the surface and clean soap film residue, remove rust and other contaminants found onsurfaces to be refinished.  Ultra Grip™ is a two component polyamide cured epoxy primer system that is sprayed.  This primer is designed to deliver high build, fast dry times and be ultra-resistant to moisture and corrosion.  The special adhesives in this formula produce an extremely high tack primer system to create a superior bonding foundation.  The sprayed top coat, called Glas-Tech™, is a two component, high solids, high performance acrylic urethane.  This fully cross-linked aliphatic urethane uses resin rich layer technology to deliver outstanding wear resistance that promotes a long-term coating lifespan.  These three components  compliment each other to make up the Glas-Tech™ Process.  Some other companies mix and match their materials, based on the lowest price, giving little consideration to a coatings durability and longevity.


The difference is our experience.  We've been involved with the remodeling industry for 30 plus years and have been refinishing tubs and tile for 23 years.  Through this experience our company has learned and instituted the value of proper customer service.  We honor our warranty and stand behind every job we do.


The difference is in the price.  Refinishing can save as much as 80% over the cost of replacement and is about 1/3 the cost of having liners installed.  Saving money by refinishing older existing fixtures allows customers to spend more money on other remodeling items.


The difference in today's refinishing market is clear.  There is a refinishing company you can trust. The difference is Drexel Company Refinishing. There isn't anyone who will do a better job for you.

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